Gov. DeSantis Declines Invite on The View By Listing Smears

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rejected an invitation to appear on The View.

Fox News Digital obtained images of an email that show supervising talent producer Todd Polkes reaching out to DeSantis’ media team on Friday:

“I hope you’re having a good summer. I am reaching out to invite Gov. Ron DeSantis to be our special guest on THE VIEW next season, which starts Sept. 6. We would be honored to have him join us in studio sometime in the Fall,” Polkes wrote.

Wow, an “honor.”

DeSantis’ deputy press secretary Bryan Griffin responded to the invite with a list of times that The View baselessly smeared the governor:

“We will pass on this offer,” Griffin responded.

It’s unclear if the angry ladies would have gone through with the interview had DeSantis accepted his invitation. The idea of the show is to surround the crew with guests equally dumb and uninformed, after all.

The cast doesn’t do well when someone pushes back — see Morgan Ortagus’ 4-on-1 takedown of the program’s characters.

Unfortunately, the show won’t get any better with incoming co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin. ABC strategically picked a “conservative” co-host who hates DeSantis as Joy Behar and her sidekicks do.

Lead mean girl Behar called him “a negligent, homicidal sociopath” last fall. Got all that? Behar said officials must hold DeSantis accountable for prohibiting mask mandates in schools.

“He should be criminally liable for that,” she told Whoopi Goldberg.

In June, Sunny Hostin called DeSantis a “fascist” and a “bigot” in the same segment. Interesting.

You can always count on The View women to provide in-depth analyses of their favorite subjects. DeSantis could have gone on to steamroll this bunch, to make them answer for their obsessive attacks.

It would have been good TV.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Why would you accept an offer to go on a show with a bunch of socialist, corporate media buffoons? My favorite was from donut loving Navarro, who also calls herself a conservative though she has worked on more Socialist’s campaigns, who says this is what Venezuela and Nicaragua does, when actually people from those countries have said that Democrats and the corporate media act like communists.

    If you watch the View, you are a complete moron.

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