Deranged Keith Olbermann Demands the NFL Ban ‘Deranged SOB’ Jack Del Rio

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Deranged lunatic Keith Olbermann will not rest until Jack Del Rio is as unemployed as he is. 

Last week, Del Rio asked why the public excuses the deadly BLM riots in the name of George Floyd that killed 25 people. Apparently, Del Rio was unaware that this question was off-limits.

“If the team won’t fire defensive coordinator @coachdelrio the @nfl has to ban him,” Olbermann tweeted.

And then here’s the good part:

“You can’t have a deranged person like this in management of a DC team,” Olbermann adds.

That’s right: Keith Olbermann called someone else “deranged.” We leave you with this:

Olbermann, channeling Donald Trump, next called for the NFL to immediately get this “son of a bitch” off the field.

The woke sports media will never forgive Del Rio for indulging in a conversation about riots in America. They haven’t hated a sports figure this much since Aaron Rodgers chose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine last year.

The world of sports demands vaccination against COVID and silence on the destructive BLM riots. These are non-negotiable requirements.

As nutty as Olbermann’s tirade on Del Rio is, he will need to step up his game to compete with Stephen A. Smith on the list of most dramatic Del Rio reactions.

This week, Smith claimed that “white” people don’t understand why BLM caused so many deaths, lied about the number of deaths at the Capitol, and proclaimed Del Rio proof of systemic racism in the United States.

What does it say about Stephen A. Smith that he’s become more of a Looney Tunes character than Olbermann?

Still, we are not counting Olbermann out yet. Crazy Keith doesn’t have much to do these days. So sending batty tweets is his only sense of enjoyment.

Perhaps we will soon get a balcony rant on the Del Rio situation. One can only hope.



Jack Del Rio is deranged and should be unemployed, says the deranged and unemployed Keith Olbermann.

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  1. You know when you talk like that face to face you best be ready to handle shit course this yellow backed pos coward would never do that like a lot of his types these days hope his mother doesn’t get inoperable brain cancer

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