Stephen A. Smith, ESPN Are Lying About Jan. 6 Death Total

First Take is the only show that knows less about, and spends more time on Jan.6 than The View does. Stephen A. Smith and his rotation of “talents” are completely confused and now lying to their viewers.  The idea of these segments is to paint Jack Del Rio as a racist for asking why the media continues to excuse the deadly riots in the name of George Floyd. And in doing so, the show is making a mockery of the ESPN brand. Smith began by saying that Del Rio doesn’t understand the deadly BLM riots because he’s white. Actually, Smith says he’s “whiiiite” in the most condescending voice. @OutKick. — Bobby Burack (@burackbobby_) June 13, 2022 Great insight. After Ryan Clark got done nodding along with Smith, Marcus Spears entered the picture. This is where Spears claimed that black people should rise up against Del Rio because “people died” at the Capitol: Marcus Spears is lost talking about Jan. 6-BLM. He says black people should be mad at Del Rio because he brought up BLM riots while talking about Jan .6 and people "died" at the Capitol. It's not until SAS says 25 died during the riots he seemed to know. — […]



Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.