Delivery Driver Tells Customer To Pickup Their Own Order After Asking For & Not Receiving A Tip

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To tip or not to tip? That is the question. As a general rule of thumb you should tip. There are some exceptions. I’m not tipping at the drive-thru at Starbucks or when using a kiosk to place an order. But if a pizza is being delivered to my door, I’m handing over a few dollars for that service.

Honestly, I thought everyone did. Evidently, that’s not the case. There are some who place delivery orders and refuse to tip the driver. Like this woman, who shared her doorbell camera footage as she refused to tip a Domino’s delivery driver.

Delivery Driver Tells Customer To Pickup Their Own Order After Asking For & Not Receiving A Tip
Awkward exchange between a delivery driver and customer (Image Credit: TikTok)

The video has over 5.7 million views and is captioned, “Umm…. The entitlement is killing me. Dominos come get your girl.”

The 12 second clip captures an awkward exchange between the customer and the delivery driver. It also throws a curveball into the whole tip or not debate.

As the delivery driver hands over the pizza she calls out, “tip?” This appears to be her go to move, as does pointing that the customer has a car to pickup their own order with.

The customer said after refusing to tip, “I’m paying for the convenience, though. Thank you, have a nice day. Take care.”

As the customer closes the door the delivery driver responds, “Come get it next time.”


Umm…. The entitlement is killing me 😂 #dominos come get your girl Absolutky the f not NiNa

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It’s Such An Insane Move You Have To Respect It

This isn’t as straightforward as delivery driver shows up at the door with your order and you automatically tip. This delivery driver is looking for some confrontation.

Who asks for a tip? Let alone asks for one as their handing over the order? That’s a wild move.

If that happened to me, I would initially be caught off guard by the request. But I would also in an odd way respect the balls it takes to pull off such a move.

It might cross my mind to hold on to the tip, but in the end I would probably hand it over and laugh about the insane interaction. You don’t want the local pizza place to have you on the bad tippers list.

Written by Sean Joseph

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