Domino’s Delivery Driver Gets Car Stolen While Delivering A Customer’s Pizza

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A Domino’s delivery driver learned the hard way not to leave her car running while delivering pizzas. She had her car stolen as she was handing a customer their order. The car did have a Domino’s Pizza Tracker, but it doesn’t sound like it helped much.

One of the customers decided to share the unfortunate story on TikTok. The customer detailed how the driver locked her running push-to-start car and took the keys with her as she delivered the pizzas. Leaving the car running turned out to be a costly mistake.

Domino's Delivery Driver Gets Car Stolen
Domino’s driver has car stolen (Image Credit: Kristen Fellows/TikTok)

As the delivery driver handed the pizza to the customer, a guy in a ski mask appeared. The man then hops in the car, slams the door shut, and drives off. The keys apparently weren’t far enough away from the car to prevent it from being unlocked.

The customer called police for the delivery driver, because her phone was in the car when it was stolen. The driver eventually got in contact with her manager, who tried to get the location of the stolen car using the Domino’s Pizza Tracker.

The Baltimore Police sent out a helicopter to try to find the stolen car. The customer didn’t know if the Domino’s delivery driver’s car was ever recovered.

This Is One Delivery That This Domino’s Driver Isn’t Ever Going To Forget

At the time the police and the driver left the customer’s home it had not been recovered. The customer shared a couple of videos attempted to answer the many questions she received about the carjacking.

One of the videos included a picture of the delivery driver sitting in their living room as they attempted to contact her employer.


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Obviously there was a lesson to be learned by the delivery driver here. Don’t leave your car running during deliveries.

It feels like the customer could have learned a lesson here too. It might be time to move if delivery drivers are getting carjacked in front of your house.

Written by Sean Joseph

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