Delayed Flight Full Of Taylor Swift Fans Sing In Unison In What Can Only Be Described As Hell On Earth

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Well, we’ve done it. As a society, we’ve finally gone too far on Taylor Swift mania. I knew it was bound to happen this year, but I didn’t expect a delayed flight out of Denver to be the final straw.

Videos have gone viral this week of said flight from over the weekend. It was a delayed Southwest plane out of Denver chalk full of Swifties fresh off her latest stop during the Eras Tour.

The Southwest attendants noticed most of the passengers were all Taylor Swift fans, so, naturally, they started playing some Love Story over the speakers. Because of course they did.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and everyone started singing along while also waving around their phone flashlights and arms like a bunch of lunatics.

It was truly beautiful.


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Taylor Swift fans make an already miserable situation worse

Just kidding!

I cannot imagine a worse scenario in the world than being on that flight at that exact moment. If that’s hell, I’m heading down to my neighborhood pond today and getting baptized … again! No chances, because I can’t spend eternity doing that.

Being on a plane, in general, is already an awful experience. Airports are awful, traveling is awful, and sitting in a metal tube for hours with a bunch of gross strangers is awful.

Now, mix in everyone singing along to Taylor Swift and you’ve truly cobbled up a worst-case scenario. No thank you.

I’d do whatever I could to get off that plane ASAP. I don’t care if they had to drag me off in handcuffs. I’d take airport jail over being trapped in a plane during a Taylor Swift concert any day of the week.

In a second video posted to TikTok — presumably from the flight attendant — a woman can be heard saying, “the lights on the phone y’all. Turn on your lights! Enjoy the concert!”

I’m sure entitled Miranda Lambert would’ve loved this plane, which makes it even worse.

And by the way, I actually like this song. It’s OG Taylor Swift, back when she was country. But she ditched us and now treats us like the ugly stepchild, and I won’t stand for it.

So I’m out. Sorry, Swifties. Enjoy your stupid flight.


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Written by Zach Dean

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