Deion Sanders Doubles Down On Absurd Weather Take, Declares Colorado Isn’t That Cold

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Deion Sanders REALLY wants people to know Colorado isn’t that cold.

Sanders has been doing his best to convince potential recruits from the southern region of the country that Colorado really isn’t that cold of a place.

He previously claimed that it’s not that bad and stated, “I love my Florida boys. I know what they’re gonna give me. I know who they are. I know how to raise (them), and we have tremendous relationships bringing those kids from Florida. Once they realize it ain’t that cold, it’s gonna be all good from our Florida boys.”

Now, he’s doubled down on his weatherman skills by, once again, declaring Colorado isn’t that cold.

Deion Sanders continues to play fast and loose with Colorado’s weather.

“We’re not seasoned on the other side of the country. We never fathomed it. It wasn’t our thing, and we always thought it was too cold. I didn’t own a jacket in high school … I’m just trying to introduce these young men to the other side of the country that they never thought about. And when you get out there, you start saying, ‘Oh, my God, you got mountains with snow on it and it’s not even cold!’ Because when it’s really snowing it can’t be that cold. I had to investigate that, but it’s really not that cold. Thirty in Boulder is like hoodie weather,” Sanders explained during an interview during the week on the “All Things Covered” podcast.

Sanders did note the summers are great in Colorado, which is definitely true.

What is Sanders talking about?

Look, we all love Deion Sanders. The man is a content machine that puts food on the table for us in these internet streets. I’ve got nothing against the man. In fact, it’s been awesome watching him elevate Colorado and hit the ground running in Boulder.

However, let’s not let the facts or narrative be changed. As I’ve previously noted, the average temperature in Boulder in December is 32 degrees with an average low of 23 degrees, according to

Deion Sanders continues to claim Colorado isn’t cold. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

It doesn’t get much better in the months that follow. Temps don’t get above 34 degrees on average in January or February. The average lows are around 23 degrees during that time frame. In what world is that not cold? Reminder, water freezes once the temp drops below 32 degrees.

In fact, I just checked the weather and in a few days, it’s going to be 22 degrees with snow followed by 33 degrees with lows of 10 degrees and 16 degrees.

Not cold, right? Sure. Sure, Deion.

Is Colorado cold? (Credit:

Lastly, I was in Colorado a few months ago for a wedding. It was cold during the day and brutal once the sun went down. Deion is a great recruit and salesman, but this is just a bridge too far. It is cold in Colorado, and there’s overwhelming proof of that fact.

Written by David Hookstead

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