Deion Sanders Teases List Of Incoming Stars, Colorado Down To 13 Players From The 2022 Team Left

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Deion Sanders isn’t sweating how many players have left Colorado under his watch.

Colorado has seen more than 25 players enter the transfer portal in the past few days, according to CBS Sports, and most of those were not voluntary.

Many players were sent packing to make room for Deion Sanders’ new guys. As of Wednesday night, only 13 scholarship players from the 2022 team remained, according to Max Olsen. That’s simply a jarring stat, and it’s a sign Deion wasn’t playing games when he promises roster turnover.

Deion Sanders isn’t nervous.

The Colorado head coach has been taking some serious heat for his handling of the situation, but he couldn’t seem to care less what the critics think.

Why? He’s bringing in some serious weapons to load up the roster.

Deion Sanders teases list of incoming stars after mass exodus. (Photo by Andy Cross/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

“Shoot, we got some guys coming in … When we release the list of guys that we already got coming in then everybody gonna say, ‘Oh, now I see what he’s doing. I see now! Now I understand,'” Sanders told Pat McAfee during a Wednesday interview.

Deion promised change. Some people might have thought that was simply coach speak. Perhaps, people thought it was him just attempting to set the tone.

Does anyone think he wasn’t serious anymore? Prior to the team’s spring game, the former NFL superstar told the roster many guys currently on the team would soon be gone.

Well, if you weren’t paying attention, you should be now because when Sanders says something he clearly means it. The overwhelming majority of Colorado players in the transfer portal aren’t there by choice. They were told to back up and leave.

Deion Sanders needed to make room on his roster for this secret list, and that’s exactly what he did. Now, he’s out here teasing that some major superstars are coming.

If that’s the case, Colorado fans will soon forget all this drama. As we all know, winning cures all. Parents and former players might be complaining now, and it’s definitely a bit of a tough look.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders teases list of incoming stars. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

However, Colorado rips off seven or eight wins in 2023 and fans won’t care what Deion had to do to get there. Welcome to the Prime Time era in Boulder.

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