Deion Sanders Laughs About More Than 40 Colorado Players Transferring

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Deion Sanders apparently still has a great sense of humor as he oversees a mass exodus from the Colorado Buffaloes.

Sanders and his program have been under the spotlight ever since the team’s spring game that was played this past Saturday. It’s an exodus unlike anything college football fans have seen. As of Wednesday morning, 22 Colorado players had entered the transfer portal, according to CBS Sports. That pushed the total number north of 40. Most of the exits after the spring game weren’t voluntary. In fact, very few were as Sanders was cutting players like he was chopping up onions.

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes has taken some serious heat for his handling of overhauling the roster, including from at least one parent on the record.

Deion Sanders isn’t cowering from his roster decisions.

However, Deion Sanders isn’t sweating the situation. In fact, he’s nothing but smiles. The popular coach appeared on Pat McAfee’s show Wednesday afternoon, and straight up laughed when the number of transfers was brought up. Not a little giggle or a small smile. He laughed.

“Is that all,” Sanders jokingly responded with a massive smile on his face. Sanders also made it clear you have to make what you want happen, and that’s the process the program is now undergoing.

“I’m not just making this stuff up as I go. We know what we want, and I don’t concede, man. I don’t settle. I know what I want, and I know what I’m going to get,” the Colorado coach further explained.

Just in case it’s not already crystal clear, Deion Sanders clearly has zero regrets about giving people the axe.

Is Sanders’ laughter appropriate?

There’s no doubt some people, especially those impacted by his roster decisions, aren’t going to love this nonchalant attitude.

Jordyn Tyson’s dad John previously told The Denver Post, “My thoughts on Deion wouldn’t be good, so I’m not going to say anything. It’s a bad situation for us as a family, I will say that. And it’s unfortunate, but it’s the nature of the system.”

Deion Sanders has overseen a mass exodus from the Colorado football program. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo for The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Imagine the reaction John is going to have when he sees this video. Deion Sanders is out here laughing like he’s at a Dave Chappelle stand-up set. Did he crush some Bill Burr clips before talking with McAfee? The man is on cloud nine after nearly two dozen players were shown the exit.

Seriously, look at the smile on his face and ask yourself if that’s a man who is down in the dumps about losing a bunch of guys.

Colorado football coach Deion Sanders laughs about more than 40 players transferring. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video
Deion Sanders laughs about more than 40 players transferring. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

At the end of the day, college football is big business, and Deion Sanders has every right in the world to run his program as he sees fit. That’s his right as the head coach. However, a lot of young men were booted from a program they loved.

In one case, Sanders has been accused of even blocking 2022 practice film for a player so coaches interested in him can see it.

It’s a serious situation for everyone involved.

While the laughter isn’t a huge deal, it doesn’t appear to set a great tone. There will definitely be some who interpret it as not being overly caring, whether it’s justified or not.

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  1. FanBoy … howsabout researching other Power5 programs with similar past three years of woeful W-L records as CU … and how their incoming HCs managed their inherited under-achieving rosters ???

    Your continual Shock & Awe with how Prime is “culling the herd” at CU shows a lack of understanding of what is”normal” in similar situations. Yes, it is unfortunate for the departing “student-athletes”. Hopefully they can thrive in less competitive environments.

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