Deion Sanders (Jokingly?) Claims He Will Coach In A Tank Top This Season

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Deion Sanders might have some interesting attire on the sidelines this season.

The Colorado coach seemingly makes headlines every single day at this point, and he hasn’t even coached a regular season game yet with the Buffaloes.

Now, it sounds like he might have a bold dress code for himself this season, and by that, I mean he plans on keeping it casual.

Sanders posted a photo of himself eating a healthy lunch Monday, and claimed he’s “wearing a tank top coaching this season.”

Deion Sanders claims he’s coaching in a tank top this season. (Credit: Deion Sanders/Instagram)

Is Deion Sanders joking?

You really have to think Deion Sanders is joking with this comment, right? No way in hell he’s going to open the season in a tank top.

It’d be incredible if he did. Deion would send Twitter into a flurry of excitement. It would immediately start trending.

A D1 coach rocking a tank top on the sidelines would be incredible content. I’m not even sure something like that would fly at a low level JUCO.

That’s why it’s almost a guarantee Deion isn’t being serious. He’s a funny guy, and he knows how to get attention. Much more likely that’s what he’s doing here than it is that he’s actually going to coach in a tank top.

Now, could Deion coach a few practices in a tank top? Could he hit the weight room in a tank top? Sure. He probably will.

Deion Sanders suggests he might coach in a tank top. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

However, there’s no chance he coaches in a game in a tank top. Or, is there? You simply never know with Deion.

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