Deion Sanders Gives Players Blunt Safety Advice, Begs Them Not To Force Him To Go To A Funeral

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Deion Sanders made his expectations crystal clear for Colorado players when they’re away from the team.

The Colorado football coach has been doing an incredible job of building a culture in Boulder. Before even coaching a game, he’s setting the tone.

Part of setting the tone is making your expectations clear and as blunt as possible. With the players getting a little time away from the team, Deion Sanders let two things be known:

You’re off the team if you show up late Monday and please don’t make him have to go to a funeral.

Deion Sanders sets the tone at Colorado. He laid out his expectations for players when they’re away from the team. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Deion Sanders passionately shares advice with Colorado players.

“You have a meeting [Monday morning]. If you late to that meeting, there’s going to be consequences. Your locker will be cleaned. It will be cleaned, and I’m not threatening you. It’s just reality,” Sanders told his players.

From there, he pressed them to understand that surrounding yourself with good people while away from the team is critical for success.

“Fellas, be careful on your break. Be careful on your comings and goings. Everyone ain’t for you, everyone ain’t with you, everybody don’t love you, everybody don’t appreciate you, everybody don’t want you to be that guy you plan on being, and your life is of value. Your life is of essence. You are somebody. You are important. So, be careful please. We don’t want to put on all black and go to a funeral. We want to put on all black and go out there and whoop somebody,” Sanders passionately told the Colorado roster.

Deion is getting the job done.

It’s been a ton of fun for fans to get an inside look at how Deion Sanders runs the Colorado program. He’s clearly not playing games. Good for him.

America could use a lot more energy like that in this country. He’s also 100% correct that not everybody out there is for you.

Bad influences can lead to absolute disaster. Your life can change in the worst of ways if you surround yourself with the wrong people. Look at the situation in Tuscaloosa and the murder charges Darius Miles and Michael Lynn Davis are facing for proof of that fact. As Nick Saban said, “There’s no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Deion Sanders shares blunt advice with Colorado players about staying safe. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Sometimes, you just have to lay it all out there, and that’s what Deion Sanders did here. He let his players know he doesn’t want to go to a funeral. The Colorado coach simply wants to watch guys succeed. Props to him for giving blunt advice and holding his players accountable.

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