Deion Sanders Humbles His Son Shedeur

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Deion Sanders took a moment to remind his son Shedeur which one of them is a legend in the world of football.

Sanders brought his son with him after taking the Colorado job to be QB1 of the Buffaloes. A ton of hype has been injected into the program and fans are buzzing before a game has even been played.

However, Shedeur got a little too bold during a recent conversation with his dad and attempted to claim he would have been better back in the day.

Shedeur Sanders argues with his dad about who was better at the age of 21. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders reminds his son who is the boss.

“I would’ve been killin’ em. They would’ve said, ‘Prime who,'” Shedeur told his dad during a humorous and slightly testy exchange about who was better at the age of 21.

His dad didn’t miss a beat. He immediately let his son know that if they went up against each other back in the day, there’s zero shot his child would have come out on top.

“I would’ve picked you and high-stepped you… I don’t think you understood what I did back in the day. You know the saying when y’all say, ‘Him?’ … People said that about that me. If you look in the dictionary, that there, a player player, that was me,” Sanders responded to his starting QB and child.

Sanders had to give his son Shedeur the facts.

For the record, there’s no world where Shedeur Sanders is a better football player at the age of 21 than his father, and they both know it. Shedeur has been solid at the college level, but has never played an FBS game. He had been playing in the FCS with Jackson State.

Deion Sanders was one of the best college players in America with Florida State, the fifth overall pick in the 1989 NFL Draft and a member of the hall of fame for college and pro football. There is no comparison. Shedeur is gearing up for his first FBS season at the age of 21

Deion was in the NFL at the same age. Obviously, his son knows all this is and was just pushing buttons. Sometimes, you just have to humble someone, and that’s what the Colorado coach did here.

Deion Sanders humbles his son Shedeur. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Having said that, it’s awesome to see that Deion Sanders has a great relationship with his children. He’s a very visible dad and a strong leader. That’s something that should always be applauded, even if it does mean you have to humble your kid from time to time!

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