Deion Sanders Jokingly Uses The NFL Honors To Recruit

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Deion Sanders isn’t capable of turning off the recruiting switch.

The former NFL star and current head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes was in attendance Thursday night at the NFL Honors down in Arizona. He used his time on stage to draw a little attention to his program in Boulder, and jokingly threw out a quick recruiting pitch.

“I got the Bosas, the Watts, Jerry [Jones] said I could borrow The Star, Jimmy [Johnson] say he gonna help me out. I need all your cousins, your mama and then, your nephews, send them right to Colorado. We good? We don’t have any NIL money, either, by the way,” Sanders said with a bit of sarcasm dripping off him.

Deion Sanders continues to be a content king.

Obviously, Sanders was mostly kidding around. I think anyone with ears and eyes can see that. He wasn’t actually trying to drill down on guys signing LOIs on the spot.

However, when you’re in a room of NFL stars with great genetics and the spotlight on you, why not try a little recruiting?

Deion Sanders has elevated Colorado’s brand by staying silent and in the shadows. He’s taken the exact opposite approach.

He loves any attention he can bring to the Buffaloes. The NFL Honors are a great way to shine a light on UC and remind the world just how deep your connections to the league run.

Deion Sanders is elevating Colorado’s profile. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Also, you have to love the fact Deion threw a little jab out there about Colorado lacking serious NIL resources. At least he’s keeping it real. The good news is a lack of NIL resources didn’t stop him from snagging a top-35 class before even coaching a single regular season game. That’s a great sign for fans of the Buffaloes. Times are definitely changing in Boulder.

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