Deion Sanders Stunned By Reporter’s Lil Wayne Reference

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Deion Sanders was left in a state of shock during a recent interaction with a reporter.

The head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes sat down with 9News’ Arielle Orsuto to talk about how his celebrity friends can help elevate the program’s brand, and he lost it when she referred to Lil Wayne, who recently paid a visit, as Weezy.

Deion Sanders stunned by reporter’s Lil Wayne reference. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

“How can people like all your friends like Tom Brady, you just had Weezy here, how can all those elevate…,” Orsuto started to ask before Deion interjected.

“I love that you said Weezy. I’m trying to keep a straight face but I love that you said Weezy. You didn’t say Lil Wayne. You said Weezy,” Sanders immediately responded.

Without hesitation, Orsuto hit back with, “No, I said Weezy F Baby.”

Deion Sanders couldn’t keep himself composed.

It’s not often you see a guy like Deion Sanders truly stunned. It’s pretty rare. Given all the things they’ve seen in life, it’s hard to surprise them.

Well, that rule clearly didn’t apply this time. Sanders absolutely lost it when Orsuto dropped Weezy instead of Lil Wayne when talking about the rapper.

It was almost like Sanders thought he was being pranked. Look at the reaction on his face. That’s as authentic as it gets.

Deion Sanders left stunned by reporter Arielle Orsuto. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube Video

Say whatever you want about Deion Sanders, but the one thing you’ll never be able to say is that he doesn’t keep it real. It keeps it as real as it gets, and this reaction was pure unfiltered shock. He sat down with a random reporter and she dropped a Lil Wayne reference like she was straight out of the game. It’s truly one of the moments where the internet wins and everyone can enjoy it.

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