Deion Sanders Gives Passionate Speech About Being ‘The Man’ And Fighting

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Deion Sanders continues to be a content machine as spring practice gets underway for Colorado.

The Buffaloes head coach has hit the ground running in Boulder, and with spring practice underway, he’s making his expectations crystal clear.

He wants some dudes willing to fight if it comes to it, and they better show that attitude and spirit in practice on a regular basis.

Deion Sanders wants some gritty guys.

“See, you all want to be the man until it’s time to be the man because the man, sooner or later, is going to have to prove he can fight. And, you’re going to have your back up against the wall, sooner or later, and you have to come out fighting, and I want to make sure you have that in you. Because I never want to go into a bar, a club, into a situation where I’ve got somebody with me and he don’t want to fight,” Sanders told his players during a team meeting ahead of spring practice number two.

The legendary defensive back and rising coaching star didn’t stop there. He further added, “See, you all want the perks and accolades that accompany the man but not the work and consistency that he must put in consistently to be who he is. Today is going to be a day just like yesterday. So, you have to make up in your mind if you’re going to fight.”

Sanders isn’t shy about what he’s looking for.

First, I’m sure some people will claim you shouldn’t tell your players you want some dogs willing to fight in a bar or club.

Slow your roll. Let’s not be outraged. No rational person thinks Deion Sanders is encouraging his players to go out to bars and clubs to get in brawls.

He’s talking about the spirit and attitude he wants to see from his guys. Like he said, everyone wants to be “the man,” right up until it’s time to do the things required. It’s like an old saying I’ve heard a few times. Everyone wants to be a commando right up until the first bullet cracks by their head. That’s when you find out who is actually down for the cause and has gravel in their gut.

Sanders wants guys who are willing to crack heads and go the distance to make plays. He needs some fighters from an attitude and football sense.

Seeing as how Colorado went 1-11 last season, the program clearly needs a reset. Deion Sanders is there to give them that jolt, and that requires some serious grit.

Deion Sanders is trying to turn Colorado around. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

We were promised a show in Boulder when Colorado hired Deion Sanders. So far, he’s exceeded all expectations. It should be fun to see what he does through the rest of spring practice.

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