Deion Sanders Compares Taking A Break From Football To Interrupting A Honeymoon

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Deion Sanders isn’t a huge fan of anything that interrupts football.

Sanders has been grinding it out with the Buffaloes ever since Colorado hired him to take over the program in Boulder.

Recently, he went mega-viral for telling his players to make smart decisions on break. The legendary NFL defensive back made it clear he didn’t want to have to attend a funeral.

Outside of his powerful viral comments, Sanders also let it be known to the media he wasn’t pumped about his team taking a short break. He doesn’t see it any different than interrupting your honeymoon.

The Colorado head coach recently said the following prior to the team splitting up for break, according to Football Scoop:

No. It’s not a positive. It’s not a positive. When you love something, do you want a break from it? You don’t want a break from it and then come up and try to (rekindle) where you left off at. Take a break on your honeymoon. Then come back and try to make it happen. It ain’t the same. I don’t like it in betwixt because these are young men, different maturation levels. Some people you tell don’t do the A,B,C and they do it anyway; they gotta still touch the oven. Some guys are going to work their butts off and stay in shape and make sure they come back prepared because they know there’s a lot of stake. I would never fall in love with having a break in betwixt spring practice, not whatsoever.

Deion Sanders continues to be a content machine.

College football fans knew Deion Sanders was going to be a ton of fun. There was never a doubt about that.

The man is a content machine, and has been for decades. However, I’m not sure anybody knew things would be this entertaining.

One day, he’s kicking a kid out of the locker room for wearing the wrong socks and the next he compares spring break to pausing a honeymoon.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Colorado fan or not. Deion Sanders being a Power Five head coach is simply great for college sports.

Deion Sanders is a content machine at Colorado. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Sanders is making an immediate impact.

There’s also no doubt Deion Sanders is already making a difference. He hasn’t coached a single game with the Buffaloes yet. The regular season is several months away.

However, attention is just pouring in on Sanders and Colorado. Some might be against how open he is with the public with what’s happening with his team, but his strategy is clearly working.

Sanders is going viral multiple times a week at this point. When you’re trying to fix a team that just went 1-11 last season, you need all the positive press you can get.

Colorado coach Deion Sanders continues to have memorable moments. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

By the time week one rolls around, Sanders will have several more memorable moments. That’s a guarantee you can take to the bank.

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