Deion Sanders Shows Off New Colorado House With Plenty Of Land

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Deion Sanders will be living in style while coaching at Colorado.

Sanders is focused on winning some games in 2023 and making Colorado, once again, a relevant program. However, we all know rest and relaxation is key when it comes to keeping a clear mind.

A great way to do it is to get yourself a great estate. Nothing clears the mind better than a palace fit for a third world dictator.

That’s exactly what Deion got himself in Colorado. In a new video, the head coach of the Buffaloes showed off his new digs, and there’s no doubt he’s living in style.

Deion Sanders landed himself an awesome view.

One of the best parts about living out west is the fact the scenery is second to none. I used to live in Bozeman, and I can tell you I’ve never seen such natural beauty since leaving.

Colorado is very similar to Montana in that sense. The scenic views Deion Sanders has are probably some of the best in the Boulder region.

Take a look at that view. It’s gorgeous. Those snow-capped mountains make the cold temps definitely worth it.

Deion Sanders shows off incredible new Colorado home. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

However, the view isn’t the only thing going on with Deion’s new estate. His shower situation is definitely elite.

Imagine cracking open a few shower beers while in this shower room. You might never want to leave.

Deion Sanders’ new Colorado home is absolutely incredible. (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube

Props to Sanders for scoring one hell of an estate. He’s truly enjoying life and even his critics can admit his house is baller.

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