Deion Sanders Encounters One Specific Challenge With Recruiting To Colorado During First Big Visit Weekend

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Deion Sanders coached his final game as head coach at Jackson State on Saturday and has turned all of his attention to Colorado. The Pro Football Hall of Famer’s first task is recruiting.

As he hits the road and hosts top talent at his new school, Coach Prime has to deal with a new challenge. It can get very cold in the Centennial State and prospects from warm environments may be hesitant to play somewhere so wintry.

Wednesday marks the first day of the Early Signing Period.

While recruits don’t have to commit this week, many of them may choose to do so— either with intention of enrolling early at their new programs, or to just simply get it done. Either way, in this modern era, the Early Signing Period has become increasingly important.

Its impact may even be greater than the traditional National Signing Day in February. Sanders had a lot to do over the weekend and has a lot to do over the next few days.

As head coach of the Buffaloes, he has promised that his first recruiting class will make a splash— both through standard high school channels and the transfer portal. He is not messing around.

His first top-ranked recruit committed on December 10, though it didn’t take much convincing.

Since taking over in Boulder, Deion Sanders has cast a wide net.

Coach Prime made it abundantly clear that he is not hard to find and continues to seek top talent to play for him in the Pac-12. He is excited about what is to come.

After losing the Celebration Bowl in heart-breaking fashion on Saturday, Sanders immediately hopped on a plane back west. He and his new Colorado staff hosted a large group of recruits.

They, once again, broke out the fancy sports cars and went heavy on the media.

Colorado’s big recruiting weekend worked.

It led to a flurry of commitments on Monday morning and the accompanying assets went crazy.

Commitments will keep coming for the Buffaloes over the next few days, weeks and months. The Coach Prime effect is very real, he’s coaching on the P5 level in a winnable conference, and it’s not like Boulder isn’t awesome.

However, with that said, Sanders encountered one specific challenge with recruiting to Colorado in his second weekend with the program— the weather. It gets cold in the winter and recruits from California, Florida, Texas or other fairly warm-weather climates may not want to go to school in a snowy, chilly location.

T.A. Cunningham, a four-star defensive lineman from Orange County, expressed his concern over the weekend. Coach Prime had a great response to the quip, but it doesn’t alter reality.

While weather is not going to make or break Coach Prime’s recruiting efforts, it’s worth noting. Niveous winters were not something that he had to deal with at Jackson State and it has already been brought to the forefront.

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  1. It’s not that cold here and the summers are beautiful. We have 70 degree days in February and golf pretty much year round. If it weren’t for all the liberals and commies in Boulder, It would be the best place in the country to live.

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