Deion Sanders Shares Blunt Warning About Consequences For Abusing Women

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Deion Sanders has zero tolerance for any player who abuses or disrespects a woman.

The Colorado football coach is doing his best to rebuild the culture within the program, and that includes teaching young men how to appropriately interact with the opposite sex.

During a team meeting, he had a handful of female staffers come in, and he let the Buffaloes know if you cause problems with women, you can pack your bags and get the hell out.

“One thing I don’t condone is disrespect towards a woman and calling a woman out of her name … Be courteous, be gracious and be polite, and if there’s any dysfunction, obstruction with your girlfriend, fiancée or whoever, with any abuse, that’s it. It’s over. Don’t call me. Don’t have your momma call me. Don’t call Rick. It’s a wrap. You understand that? We’re going to respect our women wholeheartedly.

Deion Sanders draws a line in the sand.

Just in case there was any gray area when it comes to what Deion Sanders expects out of his players, it should all be gone now.

If you abuse or mistreat a woman, Deion Sanders will make sure your locker is cleaned out and you’re kicked to the curb.

He has a zero tolerance policy. He made that crystal clear to everyone in the room.

Deion Sanders tells Colorado players abusing women won’t be tolerated. Any player who does it will be gone. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

Sanders is trying to turn Colorado around.

Sanders has his work cut out for him at Colorado. The Buffaloes are terrible. CU is one of the worst major programs in college football, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Any major program can at least be competitive with the right leader and resources. Is Sanders the right leader?

Fans won’t find out until some games are played, but he’s off to a hot start. He’s making his expectations very clear with players and coaches, and notice how he’s not screaming like an Army drill sergeant. Deion Sanders is simply telling guys what they need to know in as direct of a manner as possible.

Sanders continues to give football fans pretty awesome moments, and this one is right near the top. Credit to him for leaving zero wiggle room when it comes to the behavior he expects from those around him.

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