Deion Sanders Casually Benches 245 Pounds At 55 Years Old While Wearing Winter Coat And Chains Without Warming Up

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Deion Sanders hasn’t played a down of football since 2005 but the Pro Football Hall of Famer’s still got it! As the Buffaloes continue spring practice this week, their head coach is still dealing with the recovery from foot surgery in 2022 during which he lost a few toes.

Coach Prime uses a scooter whenever possible, and walks with a bit of a limp when he’s not on his wheels. But that isn’t keeping him from putting up pretty solid weight on the bench press!

In fact, at 55 years old, Sanders can do what most people reading this story likely cannot. He proved as much before practice got underway on Wednesday when a few of the players and staffers hit the weight room.

Coach Prime issued a challenge. He said that he could out-bench his assistant Sam Malone, his son Deion ‘Bucky’ Jr., and wide receivers coach Rashad ‘Shadd’ Davis.

Malone went first and hit one rep of 245 pounds. Bucky went second and couldn’t get 245. Coach Shadd went third and threw up four reps of 245.

Deion Sanders closed things out!

Despite not warming up, Sanders took his spot on the bench and threw up six reps of 245 pounds with only a little bit of struggle on the fifth and sixth. And he did it while wearing a hoodie, winter jacket, gold chains, a hat and sunglasses. Not one article of clothing came off for the impromptu lift.

If that wasn’t cool enough, Coach Prime casually hopped back on his scooter and pulled away as if he hadn’t just dominated the bench. No big deal!

After the head coach showed up his son and staff, it was time for practice. Sanders put on his cowboy hat and hit the indoor field, which is part of the facility that left Lil Wayne awestruck.

He kicked things off with a lesson about reciprocation before handing it over to his assistants.

From there, it was time to go. Players aren’t wearing numbers on their jerseys because they have to earn that right.

Once practice got underway, Shedeur started throwing. A few glimpses of the offense gave a look into what Colorado might look like when it takes the field against the national runners-up in Week 1.

After winning just one game last season, the Buffaloes have nowhere to go but up!

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