An SEC School Is Expected To Make A Run At Deion Sanders

It sounds like the Auburn Tigers are gearing up to try to hire Deion Sanders.

The Jackson State coach has been attached to many major jobs around the country, and it now looks like Auburn might pick up the phone and give the retired NFL star a call if Bryan Harsin is fired.

“Bryan Harsin is on the hottest seat in the country at Auburn, and I’m hearing Auburn may target Deion Sanders,” Bruce Feldman reported Saturday.

Feldman also noted that Sanders’ recruiting abilities could be a huge draw for the Tigers.

Speculation continues to swirl around Sanders, and it’s not hard to understand why. He’s in his third season as a head coach, and by year two at JSU, he had the Tigers rolling.

Overall, he’s 19-5 at Jackson State, and three of those five losses came in his first season back in 2020. Deion Sanders is rolling and people are paying attention.

With Harsin’s fate seemingly getting worse with every passing day, it only makes sense the Tigers would start doing some due diligence.

Will Auburn hire Deion Sanders? (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders has also been tied to the Georgia Tech job.

There’s also some serious speculation about Georgia Tech trying to hire Sanders, but it’s hard to see any coach choosing the Yellow Jackets over the Tigers.

One is a serious SEC program and the other is a low-level ACC school. If Deion Sanders is offered both, it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t choose Auburn.

Now, none of this can happen until Auburn makes a final decision on Harsin’s fate. Auburn is 3-2 after losing 21-17 to LSU this weekend. With games against Georgia and Ole Miss the next two weeks, things could get ugly very quickly for the Tigers coach.

Auburn might target Deion Sanders. (Aron Smith/Jackson State University via Getty Images)

Will the team dump him and throw the kitchen sink at Deion Sanders? It certainly sounds possible.

Written by David Hookstead

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