Deebo Samuel Hits Boiling Point During Interview, Hangs Up on Host After Playoff Question

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Deebo Samuel hasn’t recovered from the brutal 31-7 loss against the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

During a radio interview on Monday, host Zach Gelb resurfaced comments made by Samuel where the Pro Bowl wideout claimed San Francisco would’ve beat the Eagles if not for Brock Purdy‘s in-game UCL injury.

Samuel wasn’t receiving Gelb’s comments lightly and hung up on the interviewer, cutting the media hit short 10 minutes.

Deebo’s reaction appeared exaggerated.


Gelb asked Samuel if he still thought Purdy’s health was the difference-maker. “I do, but we’re not gonna keep talking about that. I said what I said,” the wideout said.

The host kept pressing but asked a seemingly innocent question, considering they were past comments by Deebo.

“I don’t know. Just wait until Week 13, 12, whatever week it is, and we’ll show you,” Samuel responded.

Is Deebo Samuel Being A Sore Loser?

Gelb was interrupted by a PR person who cut off the interview five minutes in.

“All right, we’re good to go,” the woman said, adding, “[he’s] head into camp right now.” 

Gelb couldn’t believe Deebo Samuel’s sudden triggering.

The radio host said, “We got hung up on because all we did was ask him about the quarterback situation, and then Philadelphia, and we got hung up on by Deebo Samuel? That’s a joke, an absolute joke. That’s absurd.”

Brock Purdy suffered the injury during the San Francisco 49ers’ first offensive drive. The offense turned to fourth-stringer Josh Johnson, with SF’s QB depth chart wiped by injuries.

Fellow Niners wideout Brandon Aiyuk made similar comments to Samuel’s, trashing the Eagles for catching a lucky break.

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