Deadspin Really Wants You To Think LLWS Kids Are Racist

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It was only a matter of time before Deadspin started implying that children are racists.

When a few LLWS players put toy stuffing on a black player’s head, writer Carron J. Phillips saw it as a perfect opportunity to point a finger at minors. He penned a column for dumpster-fire Deadspin titled ‘The Little League World Series doesn’t care about Black people.’

Like everyone else in the media, Deadspin disregarded the actual facts of the story in an attempt to portray its own agenda.


While watching Sunday’s Little League Classic in Williamsport, Pa., players on the team representing the Midwest Region ripped the cotton stuffing out of toys they were given. In a video shown during the game’s broadcast, the players were seen placing the cotton on the head of one of their Black teammates.

The player’s mother, along with the team’s coaches, assured Little League officials that “there was no ill-intent behind the action.”

Also, it wasn’t just the Black player with cotton on top of his head, his teammates were doing the same, and it wasn’t just some random act.

Deadspin and other woke outlets want you to think the kid was upset and was being bullied by his racist teammates. He wasn’t upset; he certainly seemed to like the new hairdo his teammates gave him.

Deadspin And Carron J. Phillips Refuse To Live Anywhere Close To Reality

Those are the actual facts of the story. But as we know, facts rarely matter to many in the sports media when there’s an opportunity to declare something racist. That idea now rings true over at Deadspin even when the people being accused are 11- and 12-year-old children.

Phillips and Deadspin turned this story of kids acting like kids at a baseball game into a critical race theory-spewing power trip.

It took Phillips all of four paragraphs in his story to opine about why critical race theory is “needed” in schools.

“Sidebar: This is why critical race theory is needed. Because apparently, white people don’t understand, or care, about the long and gruesome history that African-Americans have with cotton,” Phillips wrote.

He was only getting started, later adding “Much like the country, America’s pastime was founded on racism.”

MLB Players Who Would Have The Most Home Runs On The LLWS Field
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None of this is surprising from Phillips. This is the same guy who wrote that white fans enjoying NBA games is what white supremacy looks like.

To Phillips’ credit, he did acknowledge that some of the white teammates had cotton in their hair, to which he so eloquently responded by writing, “So, what!”

Not only does Phillips believe the white kids were acting out in an expression of racism towards their Black teammate, he also had this to say:

“Believing that they can define and police racism is something that far too many white people feel is their birthright.”

Kamala Harris may steal that line in her next “speech.”

All of this nonsense for a LLWS team having fun in the stands while watching a baseball game.

Deadspin’s ability to continually disregard facts and not take people for their word—in this case the kid’s own mother—is remarkable but par for the course.

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