Deadeye Seagull Craps On Alexander Zverev At Australian Open

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Some see it as good luck, others see it for what it is: seagull excrement. However you see it, Alexander Zverev took a shot of it to the dome at the Australian Open.

The Australian Open is held in Melbourne and for those not up to speed on Australian geography (first of all, why the hell not?) the city sits right on a large bay called Port Philip. So, it should come as no surprise that seagulls are a dime a dozen.

They can often be seen circling courts at the Australian Open. Whether that’s because they’re waiting to steal a Vegemite sandwich out of someone’s hand or just like seeing world-class tennis free of charge, is up for debate.

The point is they’re there, and one did exactly what seagulls do: defecate on the head of an unsuspecting athlete.

In this case, that unsuspecting athlete with a bullseye on top of his head was Germany’s Alexander Zverev.

We get to see Zverev go through the stages of being crapped by a seagull. For anyone that’s ever taken a shot like that knows the order of events. A little something hits you on the head, and you reach up top to investigate, only to realize that you now have a seagulls lunch on your head and your fingers.

Just the worst. It’s annoying when that happens while you’re just sitting on the beach reading a book. Now imagine trying to win a major.

Perhaps it was too much to handle because Zverev fell to American Michael Mmoh.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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