Nick Kyrgios Spotted Grabbing Handfuls Of His Girlfriend’s Chest At The Australian Open

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After participating in an exhibition match for charity last Friday against Novak Djokovic, Nick Kyrgios announced that he was withdrawing from the Australian Open. He tried and failed to play through a lateral meniscus tear in his left knee.

The injury will require surgery and left Kyrgios upset about missing his home country’s tournament. He said of the withdrawal, “I’m devastated. It’s brutal.”

“This is my home tournament, and obviously, winning the tournament in doubles [last year] and playing the best tennis of my life. All I can do is my best to come back.”

Costeen Hatzi Nick Kyrgois
Nick Kyrgois and his girlfriend share a hug at the Australian Open (Image Credit: Twitter)

Kyrgios’ withdrawal hasn’t kept him from making headlines at the tournament. Earlier this week he was spotted on camera in player warm-up area with his girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi. The headline making moment took place as the two were making their way through the area.

As they walk, Kyrgios is seen giving his girlfriend a hug from behind. As they face the camera in the almost empty hallway, he grabs a couple handfuls of her chest.

Being the bad boy of tennis means Kyrgios has plenty of haters. Most of the haters who commented wanted to know why he was still at the Australian Open given his injury and subsequent withdrawal.

If he’s staying at the tournament then he’s probably doing so for one reason and that’s to make himself some headlines. Short of being able to cause a scene on the court and throw rackets, his options to make headlines are limited.

Nick Kyrgios Makes Headlines Without Even Trying

Grabbing your girlfriend’s boobs is one way to accomplish that. Was that his intention here? It’s hard to say.

Kyrgios definitely knows where the cameras are and it’s not beyond him to pull this move to make a few headlines. That said, everyone deals with injuries and disappointment differently.

Some head home to prepare for surgery, others happen to get caught on camera groping their significant others. This could have been a completely innocent moment.

Written by Sean Joseph

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