Zverev Says Ankle Injury ‘Very Serious’

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German tennis star Alexander Zverev, who suffered a brutal-looking injury in his semifinal French Open match against Rafael Nadal on Friday, has said that the injury is “very serious.”

In a video posted on social media, Zverev admits, β€œIt looks like I have a very serious injury. But the medical team and the doctors are still checking on it.”

He also laments that the match with Nadal was “fantastic…until what happened, happened.”

Take a look:

It was, indeed, a “fantastic match.” The score was 7-6 (8) 6-6 in favor of Nadal when Zverev fell and subsequently withdrew from competition.

In the video, Zverev is gracious towards his opponent, expressing his hope that Nadal “can go all the way and make some more history.”

Meanwhile, Zverev faces an uncertain future for the remainder of this season. Wimbledon is less than four weeks away and the US Open follows in late August. Though OutKick’s own Sports Doc David Chao believes that Zverev “has a reasonable chance to play” at Wimbledon and that “there should be no issue for the US Open in three months,” it sounds like Zverev himself may be less optimistic.

We wish Zverev every luck in his recovery and Nadal every luck in the rest of the French Open tournament.

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