Lions’ David Montgomery Hit With Lawsuit After Alleged Pitbull Attack Leads To Amputation

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Detroit Lions running back David Montgomery has been hit with a civil lawsuit after his pitbull allegedly attacked another couple’s dog and the dog’s owner. Montgomery’s girlfriend was also named in the lawsuit.

Mark and Dana Owens alleged that Montgomery’s pitbull bit and held onto their cockapoo’s leg while they were on a walk. The couple says that their dog suffered two leg fractures before eventually having to have one of its legs amputated. Montgomery’s pitbull allegedly bit Mark Owens on his left hand as well leading to two puncture wounds.

Owens called the incident “absolutely the most horrific experience of my life,” according to the Detroit Free Press, saying he had to undergo surgery for nerve damage.

Tatum Causey, Montgomery’s girlfriend, was handed a citation for harboring a vicious animal. She reportedly said that her pitbull escaped out of a gate and “grabbed the dog’s arm.”

David Montgomery and his girlfriend hit with a lawsuit related to an alleged pitbull attack. (USA TODAY)

Another NFL running back, Ezekiel Elliott, knows firsthand what it’s like to be sued over an alleged dog attack. He was sued in July 2021 by a woman claiming to have been attacked by one of his dogs.

The woman who filed the civil suit, was seeking over $1 million in damages that she claimed left her with “severe and permanent injuries.”

The civil suit was set to go to a jury trial in early July, but the suit was settled just prior to the court date

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  1. What is it with people and pit bulls? And, no…don’t need anyone to jump and tell me they’re sweet dogs. There are always stories like this. Sweet dogs don’t do this. They’re a disaster waiting to happen.

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