Ezekiel Elliott Settles Lawsuit Over Dog Attack That Left Woman With ‘Permanent Injuries’ Just Before Trial

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Ezekiel Elliott was sued in July 2021 by a woman claiming to have been attacked by one of the running back’s dogs. The civil suit was set to go to a jury trial on Monday, but according to a court official, the suit has been settled.

Jennifer Gampper, the Frisco woman who filed the civil suit, was seeking over $1 million in damages that she claimed left her with “severe and permanent injuries.”

According to Dallas Morning News, Gampper’s attorney confirmed in a written statement that the lawsuit has been “resolved.” He said the he cannot discuss the terms of the settlement.

The original story, first reported in May 2021, explained that Elliott had been cited after three of his dogs got loose in Frisco, Texas and two people were put in the hospital for bite-related injuries.

One of the dogs, a rottweiler, who escaped and was likely responsible for the attack on the two victims, was placed under a 10-day house quarantine, per Texas Code Title 25.

The three dogs were eventually found in the neighborhood of Starwood in Frisco, a residential area not far from Elliott’s home.

The now-settled lawsuit also named landscaper Pablo Vela and his business Perfect Synthetic Grass as defendants. The suit claimed that Vela, who was working at Elliott’s home, failed to close a gate which allowed the dog to escape.

Written by Mark Harris

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