Head Of Government’s UFO Program Responds To Shocking Whistleblower Claims

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Sean Kirkpatrick isn’t able to say much about UFO whistleblower David Grusch’s shocking claims.

Grusch stunned the country when he alleged during a congressional hearing that people had been hurt to cover up UFO secrets – possibly even murdered, non-human biologics have been discovered at alleged crash sites and at least one UFO has been shot down.

Little to no hard evidence has been presented to the public as the government investigates Grusch’s whistleblower claims, and that’s led to rampant speculation about what the truth might be.

UFO program head addresses whistleblower claims.

Sean Kirkpatrick serves as the head of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) at the U.S. Department of Defense, and if there’s anyone who knows if Grusch is being truthful and knows about UFOs in general, it’s definitely him.

He was asked by NewsNation if he could shed a light on Grusch’s stunning claims, and he did a bit of dancing around without giving a direct answer.

“I can’t comment on anything he’s told other people. The only way we can get anything that he has shared to other people is if he gives permission to them to share it because he’s protected under those same laws. But I have a whole range. I’ve got almost 40 other people that have come in and provided a lot of rich information that we’ve been investigating and cross-referencing and researching and trying to figure out the truth. And again, that’s what I’m saying. A lot of that is what is going to go in volume one,” Kirkpatrick recently told NewsNation’s Joe Khalil.

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What is the truth about UFOs?

I’ll give credit where credit is due. Kirkpatrick danced around that situation like an absolute pro. He said a lot without having to say much at all. A veteran move for sure.

More than anything, people are desperate to find out what is going on up in the sky. There are countless examples of UFO sightings. Our own military has captured stunning UFO footage.

Yet, nobody seems to have a good answer other than to float that some might be drones, a foreign adversary or there’s simply no explanation at all. That’s not much to go off of.

I do believe a lot of sightings near military bases is equipment being tested and the public not knowing it. However, that’s a lot different than claiming non-human biologics have been recovered and people have been hurt to keep UFO secrets silent.

Now, do UFOs being sighted mean aliens are among us? As fun as that would be to debate, that’s not the case at all. Little green men almost certainly aren’t flying around, but something is definitely going on.

What is the truth about UFO sightings? (Credit: Getty Images)

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