Dave Chappelle Gets Last Laugh In War With Wokes, Kills Housing Development Behind His House By Purchasing 52-Acre Property

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Early this year, comedian Dave Chappelle found himself in the crosshairs of the wokes who were on a mission to cancel the man once and for all and they pounced on a 140-unit housing development that was planned behind Dave’s house in Yellow Springs, Ohio (pop. 3,700).

Dave showed up at a city planning meeting in the crunchy granola hippie town located 10 miles east of Dayton, OH suburbs. He warned officials that his own business development, which includes a comedy club, would be pulled out of the town if a proposed 52-acre housing development including duplexes, townhomes and a small apartment complex was approved.

The wokes hammered Chappelle as a NIMBY — Not In My Backyard — offender and determined he needed to be canceled, which they still haven’t succeeded at doing.

Meanwhile, Tuesday, in a victory for guys with money to make such business moves, it was revealed that Chappelle has purchased the entire 52-acre site behind his house and he’s officially killed off any housing development which has infuriated city planners.

“I have confirmation that Dave Chappelle bought the entire lot,” village manager Josue Salmeron told The Daily Mail, while adding “we’re talking about all the 52 acres.”

“To me it is clear, the project isn’t going forward. The developers will not be building on that land.”

Salmeron missed out on the tax revenue the property would have injected into an aging hippie town that makes you feel more like you’re at the base of a Colorado mountain instead of surrounded by Ohio corn fields.

The guy is clearly pissed.

Chappelle housing development
The red outline shows the property Chappelle has acquired behind his house that was to be turned into 143 residential building sites. Dave now owns the land, according to Yellow Springs’ village manager.

The big question back when this whole Chappelle property dispute broke out in February was, why didn’t Dave just buy the property in the first place.

Elaine Chappelle, Dave’s wife, jumped on Facebook where she inferred that the couple did try to buy the property, but they were given a “Chappelle price” and claimed they were being “overcharged.”

“Sometimes it’s the principal and not the money if you can believe that,” Elaine continued.

The housing development war left such a bad taste in Elaine’s mouth that she was fully ready for her husband to move his comedy club project out of the village and place it in Dayton.

That will not be necessary after this week’s news that Dave Chappelle has once again won a war against the wokes. Dave went full NIMBY and put his money up to make it a reality.

According to a Daily Mail reporter, businesses around town are now hanging “Thanks, Dave” signs for saving their small town from a large influx of suburbanites while revitalizing the arts that the town is known for.

Chappelle is not only building a comedy club that will bring in national acts. He’s also investing money into an old schoolhouse that will be home to the local National Public Radio station.

Still, that doesn’t matter to Salmeron, who doesn’t appear ready to bury the hatchet with Chappelle for killing the housing deal.

“I’m unhappy on several fronts that this project isn’t going ahead,” the village manager told the Mail.

“We have housing goals that we have been trying to meet for years. There is a national housing crisis problem with the affordability challenge and in Yellow Springs it is even greater.

“We had a housing needs assessment done in 2018 and that report identified a need for 500 units. The village hasn’t had significant growth over the years and part of that is because we have no housing assets.

“The study said we need housing for moderate incomes, high incomes, apartments, senior housing. We need a little bit of everything.”

Dave Chappelle Yellow Springs housing Development
Dave Chappelle speaking in February at a Yellow Springs, Ohio council meeting / via YouTube

Salmeron went even further by accusing Dave of preventing young people from moving there.

“We are getting older, our community on average is older than the median age of Ohio residents. It’s wealthier and it’s whiter.

“Those demographic trends are not going to change unless we offer new opportunities for individuals to move into town or be able to grow in town.”

It’s back to the drawing board for Salmeron.

He’ll have to take this L and figure out a new plan.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Funny. I spend a lot of time in places like Jackson Hole and Big Sky. Small towns, very expensive, very vocal progressive residents. I don’t hear them clamoring for affordable housing projects in their backyards. Only in other people’s backyards. Guess they actually don’t think “the poors” have a right to live where they want, despite their Twitter protests to the contrary

  2. Those older White people are the real danger. Need some brothers and sisters to add some spice to this honkey community. Lootings, shootings, those kinds of activities.

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