Danny Kanell Trades Shots With Colorado Assistant After Team Meeting Behavior

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Danny Kanell wasn’t overly impressed with Colorado assistant Tim Brewster behaving like he was auditioning for the Army Rangers during a team meeting.

Brewster made headlines when he addressed the Buffaloes in a fashion that was so bizarre it has to be seen to be believed.

Was he preparing to coach men who have math class later or a deployment to Vietnam in the late 1960s? Honestly, it was hard to tell.

Danny Kanell thinks Tim Brewster’s behavior speaks for itself.

Following the video going viral, the former New York Giants QB tweeted that Brewster’s behavior is “in a nutshell” why college coaches don’t often work in the NFL.

Well, Brewster saw his tweet and couldn’t let it go. He fired back by reminding Danny Kanell he was Antonio Gates’ TE coach in the NFL.

Apparently, if you’re gifted a Hall of Fame-caliber talent, it means you must be a great coach.

Kanell is 100% correct.

For the record, Danny Kanell’s take here is the correct one. Is Brewster, who went 15-30 as a head coach in college, really trying to claim he spoke in this fashion to men in their 20s and 30s with millions in the bank while coaching in the NFL? I highly-doubt it.

His behavior is what actual war heroes who have seen stuff you and I can’t imagine, mock on a regular basis. Actual tough dudes who go to work don’t scream about standing up and sitting down. They just take care of business. I know plenty of them. And as our American Joyride viewers know, they’re not even a fraction as hardo as Tim Brewster.

Seriously, look at the screenshot below. It looks like it’s from intake at basic training. What was Tim Brewster thinking? Was he hoping to score a role in the next big war movie? Perhaps, he’s hoping to get after it for real.

Colorado assistant Tim Brewster behaved in bizarre fashion during speech to the team. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video https://twitter.com/CUBarstool/status/1615125269190438912)

You simply can’t speak in the way he did to guys making more money than you with families they go back to at night. It’s not going to be tolerated. You can absolutely do it with young men not even old enough to drink because they don’t have other options.

Brewster should relax, switch to decaf and watch a little less “Band of Brothers” so that he doesn’t think he’s Captain Herbert Sobel. It’s just not necessary.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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  1. CO needed a tone change. If you want to mock the method, that’s on you and your delicate sensibilities.
    That room is, now, full of kids who are now thinking “holy shit what now?”. They have no idea what’s coming so be prepared for anything. Will some kids leave of course and if you don’t think Sanders knows and wants this well you can’t be helped.

    You can always pull back the intensity reigns but you can never start soft and then do this. Players who stick it out and ‘break through to the other side’ will feel like they accomplished something, like they are part of a new Colorado and they were The class that did it.

    • I was a part of a college football program “reset” many years ago. The strategy hasn’t changed in the intervening decades. Bear Bryant used it with his Junction Boys in the 50s. One purpose is to “cull the herd” and free up roster spots. ….. “Prime” knows what he is doing.
      Spring practice in Boulder is gonna be “interesting”.

  2. Wow, David…I think your article is a complete overreaction. Danny Kanell can have an opinion but, based upon the lousy culture for several years at Colorado (about 2 wins in 2 years), it’s clear that Brewster is the right person for their program today. Kanell obviously didn’t do his own homework on Brewster. Yes, the kids are not going to bootcamp (is that so terrible?), but a program that lacked drive and discipline needs exactly that to believe they can win every week. Their first game against TCU will require their best effort.

  3. This is what happens whenever a program has a major head coach change and a whole new staff. It`s finding out who will stay and who will go. They`re thinning out the herd. Interesting to watch this since I had season tickets for the Golden Gophers when Brewster was head coach at Minnesota. Hope he recruits better for Colorado than he did for us.

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