Dana White Pushes For A Tyson Fury/Jon Jones Fight

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Dana White appears to be all-in on Tyson Fury stepping in the octagon against Jon Jones.

Fury made some waves online after he ripped Joe Rogan for suggesting the UFC star would have no problem dismantling the boxer. Fury didn’t like that and unloaded on both men.

However, he eventually walked it back and gave Jon Jones his props as an MMA star, but maintained he’s the baddest person on the planet when it comes to boxing, which is undeniably true.

Dana White, a man who knows how to make money, suggested a UFC bout between the two, and he wasn’t kidding. He really wants to make the fight between the two star athletes happen.

Dana White wants to see a Tyson Fury/Jon Jones fight.

“We figured out how to pay Floyd. We’ll figure out how to pay you too, Tyson. So, the offer is out there. If you want to do it in the UFC – I know he was messing around with MMA for a little while there – let’s do it. Let’s answer the question,” White said over the weekend.

“Tyson can call me himself. He has my number. We have a good relationship, or Tyson’s people can call me and we’ll get it done,” the UFC president further added.

You can watch his full comments below.

Will a Jones/Fury fight actually happen?

While Dana White might be pushing hard for a fight between Jon Jones and Tyson Fury, it seems highly unlikely it’s going to happen unless the latter is going to make the biggest payday of his life.

Tyson Fury is an undefeated boxer. All the man does is win (and one draw that should have been a win), and it seems hard to believe he’s going to put his legacy on the line to get in the cage.

Dana White wants to see a Tyson Fury/Jon Jones fight happen. (Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images)

While Fury might be an unstoppable boxer, he has no chance in an MMA fight against Jon Jones. He even ultimately admitted as much during his brief spat with Rogan and Jones.

Boxing and MMA are simply two different sports. Being a great boxer definitely doesn’t mean you can fight MMA and win against someone who knows what they’re doing.

And we’re not talking about Tyson Fury fighting some random guy. Dana White wants him to fight Jon Jones. He wants the boxing star to fight a man with a 27-1 record in the octagon.

Will Tyson Fury fight Jon Jones? (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

While it’s fun to debate what might happen, don’t hold your breath waiting on this fight to happen. It just doesn’t make sense at all for Tyson Fury.

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