Dana White Torches Soccer As A Stupid Sport In Resurfaced Video

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Dana White thinks soccer is an incredibly dumb sport.

White has made for himself as the most powerful man in combat sports, and while he has fans around the world, he’s not a fan of the Earth’s most global sport.

“I can’t stand soccer. I think that it’s the least talented sport on Earth. There’s a reason three-year-olds can play soccer … Do you know how untalented you have to be to score three points when the net is this big,” the UFC president said in a recently resurfaced old video.

Judging from White’s appearance in the video, it’s at least five years old. Maybe even up to a decade.

Dana White didn’t hold back with his assessment of soccer.

Well, White certainly made sure there wasn’t any wiggle room with his comments. That’s a man that absolutely despises soccer.

That’s a man who you probably couldn’t pay money to watch a World Cup game, and it’s not hard to understand.

Dana White is very wealthy thanks to a sport where men beat the living hell out of each other. MMA is a brutally violent combat sport.

Dana White hates soccer. (Credit: YouTube screenshot/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4omp2BkZvH4)

In soccer, if a guy lightly bumps you, there’s an above zero percent you go down like a sniper just hit your dome. It’s comical. If there’s one guy who isn’t going to appreciate that kind of mentality, it’s Dana White.

Having said that, White might be losing ground with his argument. Ever since the 2022 World Cup got underway, it feels like soccer is increasingly popular in America. I saw people who have never watched soccer before in their lives watching every moment of the USA action. Personally, I’m not a big soccer guy and I still didn’t miss a game.

By the time the 2026 WC rolls around, White’s opinion will almost certainly be in the minority.

Written by David Hookstead

David is a college football fanatic who foolishly convinces himself every season the Wisconsin Badgers will finally win a national title. Has been pretending to be a cowboy ever since the first episode of Yellowstone aired.


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  1. I keep hearing about how popular soccer is becoming and never seeing any evidence for it. The WC is not an I dictator of the popularity of the sport. First off, way less will watch the women (even though they’re better at their level than the men are at theirs). Second, the WC has obvious geo-political undertones to it. Dont tell me ‘it’s just a game’ with the way the game vs Iran was hyped up. People aren’t going to suddenly fond interest on Serie A, or the British leagues or MLS. It’s ‘growing’ because it’s a cheap and easy way for parents to get their kids exercise when they’re too young to decide for themselves if they want to play or not.

    Basically, soccer is gay.

  2. Well I can’t disagree with Mr. White on soccer. I feel like the media has been on a propaganda tour for years trying to convince us how great of sport it is. In my humble opinion it is like being a vegetarian. Go a head and support soccer if you like but don’t keep trying to convince me (like why I should givie up eating meat) how great it is.

  3. Agree with both other posters here. Don’t like the sport, extremely boring. Outside of WC don’t see much interest in the US. As basketball and football become better understood abroad I think the world will embrace them the way we do. If anything soccer will go down globally as a result.

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