Dana Carvey Confirms Wild Rumor About Joining 9/11 Prayer Group Dressed As A Turtle

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Dana Carvey revealed he DID participate in a 9/11 prayer group on a film set dressed as a turtle.

There’s long been rumors online that the legendary comedian led a prayer group after the terrorist attacks while dressed as a turtle, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Well, more than 20 years later, Carvey revealed that the legendary rumor is true. He was on the set of “Master of Disguise” when the horrific attacks happened and prior to cameras rolling again, they had a prayer circle….while he was in costume.

Dana Carvey confirms 9/11 rumor. He prayed on-set dressed as a turtle. (Credit: Getty Images)

“I was in it [the costume] all that day and then they said we’re going to have a group prayer about 9/11. I would have held everyone up for a half hour getting all that prosthetic makeup on. So, as I remember it. It was all of us – everyone else in civilian clothes – I’m dressed as the turtle man with a bald head and I’m holding hands lowering my head and praying. I just thought at the moment, ‘This is really strange,'” Carvey explained on a podcast with David Spade.

Spade chuckled and noted the situation is “ridiculous” and it’s wild “someone would repeat that dumb story.”

Dana Carvey reflects on crazy 9/11 rumor.

Just trying to imagine the optics on the set of this is humorous. When Carvey said it was “really strange,” it’s not hard to understand why.

The film “Master of Disguise” is outrageous, and the turtle scene is arguably the most famous moment from the film.

Carvey’s character wore a massive green outfit meant to be a shell that appeared as absurd as it sounds.

Now, imagine you’ve just been told that America is under attack, a war has started and people are dying. It’s impossible to overstate the severity of the situation.

Now, picture all of that but there’s a comedian on set dressed in the most outrageous fashion possible as a prayer is said for everyone who was lost.

We’re talking about the darkest moment in American history since Pearl Harbor was bombed, and Dana Carvey is dressed as a ridiculous turtle. That’s the kind of moment you couldn’t make up if you tried. That’s probably why the rumor has lasted for decades.

People probably refused to believe something so absurd could be true. Well, it’s very true, according to Carvey.

Dana Carvey confirms 9/11 prayer story happened. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Now that the truth is out there, we can put the rumor to rest because it’s no longer a rumor. It’s 100% true and one of the most unexpected 9/11 stories we’ve ever heard.

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