Dan Snyder Selling Washington Commanders Directly Correlates To Significant Spike In Ticket, Suite Sales Ahead Of 2023

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For the first time in a long time, the Washington Commanders have hope. Dan Snyder is potentially on his way out and there is new life amongst football fans in the DMV area.

The controversy-plagued owner is reportedly set to sell after purchasing the team back in 1999. News first broke about a possible transaction in November, which had a direct impact on the business side of the organization.

Dan Snyder is on his way out. (Photos by Getty Images)

Commanders president Jason Wright recently spoke about the sale during an appearance on CNBC’s ‘Last Call’ and told Brian Sullivan that sales skyrocketed when Snyder’s potential departure was announced. The team has seen a significant spike in fan interest over the last five months.

This is a historic franchise with a 90-year history, people that love this team. We’ve already seen some of that business momentum come back. When the [sale] process was announced last November, we sold what we would normally sell in a full season in annual suites, we made that in a week after we announced the sale.

There’s anticipation of this franchise returning to what it once was. People are willing to jump back into business with us, whether that’s sponsors, suite-holders and others. We’ve now built an organization that can absorb that momentum.

— Jason Wright, via CNBC

Wright’s declaration on suit sales coincides with a direct increase in ticket sales across the board.

Washington regularly reaches out to former season ticket holders to see if they are interested in coming back to support the burgundy and gold. Previously, the answer was no.

Since Snyder’s sale got underway, though, things have shifted. The Commanders are “encouraged by the response of fans who are looking forward to the 2023 season.”

People hated Snyder so much, that all it took for the team to get back on track is to have him leave. Who woulda thunk?

(Everybody, is the answer to that hypothetical question.)

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