Damian Lillard Likes Tweet Saying Ja Morant Tries To ‘Act Hood’

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Ja Morant’s behavior is getting old.

And it seems plenty of other people agree — including Portland Trailblazers star Damian Lillard. In the wake of the Memphis Grizzlies point guard’s gun-waving Instagram Live, Lillard liked a tweet claiming that Morant is simply trying to “act hood.”

“Notice how Dame is actually from the hood, and he don’t go around acting like Ja Morant, who is from the suburbs trying to act hood,” the tweet reads.

Damian Lillard Likes Tweet Saying Ja Morant Tries To 'Act Hood'

Lillard has since unliked the tweet.

Still, the sentiment is a popular one, and fans are having fun with the situation.

Saturday, a video resurfaced comparing Morant to the Papa Doc character from the movie “8 Mile.” In the scene, Eminem’s character B-Rabbit reveals personal information about his opponent, showing the monotonous average life he was living while posing as a gun-toting gangster.

Check it out.

While we’re all laughing at this, though, there’s a bigger issue at hand.

Earlier this week, OutKick’s Mark Harris wrote that Morant’s “tough guy act” isn’t doing himself, his team or his city any favors.

As one of America’s most dangerous and crime-ridden cities, Memphis could use a positive influence. So far, Morant ain’t it.

Ja Morant will step away from the Grizzlies for at least two games.

Grizzlies PR announced the hiatus after a video that circulated that showed Morant flaunting a gun on Instagram.

Saturday, Morant released a statement of his own on the incident. He claimed “stress” was a major factor in his behavior.

Ah yes, who among us hasn’t livestreamed ourselves waving a gun around at a party when overwhelmed by the pressure of work and life?

But as OutKick founder Clay Travis pointed out, it’s interesting that Morant flashed a gun and is already out two games. But so far, Alabama star freshman Brandon Miller, who delivered a murder weapon, has had zero consequences. 

We should point out, though, Morant’s break from the team hasn’t officially been called a “suspension.”

But this incident was just the latest in a series of highly-questionable moments from Morant, and OutKick has covered each angle as it developed.

He’s been accused of being in a vehicle with people who flashed a weapon at the Indiana Pacers. It was also recently revealed that he allegedly punched a teenager and flashed a weapon at him.

Somehow, despite all of that, he was seemingly oblivious to the poor optics of doing a gun celebration against the Rockets earlier this week.

Now, we will wait and see if NBA Commissioner Adam Silver levies a harsher punishment.

In the meantime, Morant should probably make an effort to do less dumb things.

Written by Amber Harding

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  1. Does Dalzell / Sumter SC have “mean streets” or “a hood ???. My hometown of Kinston NC (pop 19,000 … 65% black) has produced a dozen NBAers including Cornbread Maxwell, Jerry Stackhouse, Brandon Ingram, Reggie Bullock, etc etc. Kinston definitely HAS “mean streets … & a hood”; its “mean streets” have been rated The Worst in North Carolina. ….. just sayin….

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