Goosebumps Moment As Damar Hamlin Pumps Up Crowd During Bills Playoff Game

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Saturday’s Divisional Round game between the Bills and Bengals was bigger than football in a lot of ways. While winning and moving on to the AFC Championship obviously meant a lot to both sides, there was something greater at play.

Damar Hamlin was in attendance.

Hamlin’s harrowing collapse took place during a game between Buffalo and Cincinnati on Jan. 2. The incident, as scary as it was and continues to be, served something of a divine purpose.

A nation, often divided by hate, put its differences aside and came together around a common cause. Donations for Hamlin’s toy drive poured in by the millions, tributes around the country showed a people united, and incredible moments on the field felt as though there was something larger at work.

For a moment, it was more important than politics, it was more important than being right or wrong— it was about another human being. And his recovery continues to serve as a beacon of hope and joy during a time that is often driven by negativity.

On Sunday, as the Bills hosted Cincinnati on a snowy day in upstate New York, that notion was more true than ever. Late in the first half, Buffalo directed attention to the box seats, where Damar Hamlin and his family were taking in the game.

The 24-year-old safety stood in his suite and brought the fans to their feet. Hamlin pumped up the crowd at Highmark Stadium before he signed off with his signature hand sign— a heart.

Whether at the game, or watching at home, Damar Hamlin being at the game was a big boost to morale. For him to get up and address the crowd the way that he did served as what felt like the culmination of a long month clouded with uncertainty. It was one of those moments that won’t soon be forgotten.

Written by Grayson Weir

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