Dad Kicks Gender Reveal Soccer Ball Over A Fence & Into Neighbor’s Yard

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I’m a member of team “gender reveals are stupid.” There are few things worse than a gender reveal, especially the over the top ones. But the relatively low key backyard variety can be just as annoying.

Unless, of course, they go wrong. I’m a big fan of the gender reveal going wrong. If there’s fire involved then something better catch on fire. If there’s a prop involved then there better be a struggle to break it or a swing and a miss and a ruined reveal as it hits the ground.

Gender Reveal Soccer Ball Fail
Soccer ball gender reveal fail (Image Credit: Indya Jefferies/TikTok)

A woman by the name of Indya Jefferies had one such reveal involving a prop that went wrong. The dad was supposed to kick a soccer ball on the couple’s back patio revealing either blue or pink powder and everyone was supposed congratulate them on creating whatever type of human being they had created.

That’s not how things played out. The dad kicked the ball, and instead of revealing the gender of their child, the ball went flying over their fence and into the neighbor’s yard.

While the gender of their baby wasn’t revealed, the fact that if the kid has any athletic ability at all it won’t be from dad was.

The TikTok video, which currently has more than 2.2 million views, ends in disappointment as the dad realizes he ruined the whole reveal.

Let’s Knock It Off With The Gender Reveals

Now that’s my kind of reveal. We have absolute failure and overwhelming disappointment. It’s a heartwarming moment for all the gender reveal haters out there.

The expecting mother admitted that the ball landed in the yard next door and exploded. Unfortunately, they had a backup plan in place.

It sounds like someone knew that dad wasn’t going to be able to kick the ball hard enough or that he was going to screw it up in some way.

In a much less entertaining video the couple pulled out a black balloon and popped it. Pink confetti littered the backyard revealing that the couple was having a girl.

Good for them. Now cut it out with the gender reveal stuff going forward.

Written by Sean Joseph

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