Dad At Taylor Swift Concert Caught Updating His Group Chat With Details About All Of The Hot 40-Year-Old Moms

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A dad – or a man assumed to be a dad of one of the concertgoers – attending last weekend’s Taylor Swift concert at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis wasn’t in attendance for the music. He wasn’t there to just accompany whoever he was at the concert with either.

This guy, with the weird hair sticking out of the back of his hat and all, was there on assignment. He was to scope out all of the hot 40-year-old moms and report back to his group chat. That’s exactly what he did.

Dad At Taylor Swift Concert Hot Moms
Dad at Taylor Swift concert updating his group chat on hot moms (Image Credit: sarlyncal/TikTok)

Unfortunately, being a man of a certain age, his mission was compromised from the start. He had the brightness on his phone turned all the way up and the the font size set crazy large. This made it very easy for those sitting behind him to see what he was up to.

Not only that, but whip out their phones and start recording his messages. That’s exactly what they did. The messages went from being sent to three people to going viral on TikTok.

Oblivious to the fact that his crazy font size and one finger texting method had blown his whole assignment, he filed his first report on the moms to the group chat.

He wrote, “observing the hot 40-year-old Mom’s who are dressed just like their 15-year-old daughters. The Mom’s DEFINITELY look hot.”

The Supersized Font Will Get You Every Time

It’s unclear if the group chat didn’t believe him and ask for proof, or if he decided on his own to provide the proof, but his next report included pictures of a couple of the moms in attendance.

Within a few minutes of filing his first pre-concert report, he followed it up with visuals. He texted the group, along with the pics of the middle-aged Swifties, “Just a VERY SMALL sampling.”


Replying to @Frank Gallagher let’s talk about violating privacy! 🤗 #erastourtaylorswift #tstheerastour #fyp

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A Taylor Swift concert is a real life choose your own adventure. Every person leaves with their very own unique experience.

You have people there for the music and the show, and you have people there to provide updates to the group chat on the hot mom situation.

Written by Sean Joseph

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