Curt Schilling Tells The Story Of How His Wife’s Fight With Johnny Damon’s Girlfriend Helped Spark Magical Red Sox Run

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Because of overwhelming public demand, Curt Schilling weaved a yarn about an infamous confrontation on the latest edition of OutKick’s The Curt Schilling Baseball Show.

One that was between his wife and teammate Johnny Damon’s girlfriend during the 2004 postseason.

The story happened after the Red Sox were blown out by the New York Yankees 19-8 in Game 3 of the ALCS. However, it sort of began several years earlier.

In 2001, Schilling was pitching for the Arizona Diamondbacks, who defeated the three-time defending champion Yankees in the World Series.

“My wife had made purple headbands for all the wives to wear. Just as kind of like their little unity thing,” Schilling explained.

“Fast-forward to 2004, we are in the postseason, and once again my wife made headbands — they’re scarves basically — and she had made them for the Red Sox wives,” he said.

It was after the Red Sox defeated the Angels and moved on to face their rivals in the ALCS that the headband-related tension began to emerge. Schilling said that Damon’s then-girlfriend and later wife, Michelle, refused to wear the headband.

“Things happen,” Schilling said about her conscientious objection to the headband. “The wives’ room has as many cliques and confrontations as the clubhouse does.”

He went on to explain that one such confrontation happened after that blowout in the ALCS.

Johnny Damon and Curt Schilling celebrate the Red Sox 2004 World Series win at a New England Patriots game. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Did Schilling’s Wife Help Break The Curse?

“Post-game, Game 3,” he said. “My wife is sitting in the wives’ lounge, and Michelle walks in and throws the scarf on my wife’s lap and says, ‘A lot of good these things f—ing did us.'”

Mrs. Schilling had a comeback; one that made it clear that she checks the game notes.

“My wife — being the non-confrontational person she is — says, ‘Well, maybe if you wore it your husband wouldn’t be f—ing 0 for 20,’ and it was on.”

Schilling said that his wife and Damon’s girlfriends came to blows and had to be restrained by others in the wives’ lounge. She told him about the incident on the way home and that he and Damon talked about it the next day.

“Johnny and I saw each other at the clubhouse the next day,” “Schilling said. He added that he and Damon laughed about it.

However, Schilling noted that Scarfgate marked the turning point in the Red Sox’s postseason fortune. After that, they won eight straight games, won the World Series and snapped the Curse of the Bambino.

“My wife believes she is directly responsible and the reason why the curse was broken,” Schilling said. “Y’know…. okay; I’ll let her believe that.”

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