Cursed Jersey: Derek Jeter Didn’t Care For His B-Day Gift From Big Papi

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Derek Jeter’s birthday is coming up and while he was across the pond covering the Cubs and Cardinals series at London Stadium, the MLB on Fox crew took a moment to celebrate. However, he wasn’t particularly fond of the gift he received from one of his new colleagues and former adversary, David Ortiz.

Bif Papi reached under the broadcast desk and handed the former Yankees captain a box.

He cracked that puppy open and was the only one on set not amused by what was in it: a Boston Red Sox jersey with his name and number on the back.

“It’s a gift!” Ortiz said as Jeter tossed the box aside.

“It’s been a great time spending it with you guys here,” Jeter said. “You won’t see me anymore.”

Meanwhile, Big Papi was just cracking up.

That was hilarious but have you ever seen a more wrong-looking jersey? It would be weird to see his name and number on any non-Yankees jersey. On a Red Sox jersey, it feels so cursed you may not want to keep it in your house.

Think about the first time you saw Tom Brady in a Buccaneers jersey or Michael Jordan in a Wizards jersey. You know that uncanny valley kind of feeling of knowing you’re looking at those dudes but the jersey makes everything feel off?

Yes. Seeing Jeter hold up a Boston jersey with his name on it is the peak of that.

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