Gov. Cuomo Tells Howard Stern He Would’ve ‘Decked’ Trump if Wasn’t Governor

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The Cuomo brothers have told us how strong they are for years. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother has even pretended to show us. Monday, we almost found out.

Big Brother Cuomo told Howard Stern that he was about ready to “deck” President Donald Trump, but held back.

“I also had the practical situation: I needed him to help New York,” Big Brother said. “That was my job. If I wasn’t Governor of New York, I would’ve decked him. Period. He was attacking me. He was attacking my family. He was anti-Italian. He was every nasty thing.”

What a relief for Trump. No one wants this guy “decking” them, now do they?

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This interview should serve as a warning — to everyone. Cuomo won’t be governor forever, and if you cross him afterward, you could get decked.

Little Brother Cuomo is no stranger to fighting either, or at least threatening to fight. Last year, he told a random troll he’d throw his “punk-ass down the stairs.”

Little Cuomo has been sending warnings all summer. He is so into his weights, he curls them while typing on his Windows computer. Well, maybe. #WeightGate is still going strong:

You’ve been warned, America. Trump apparently got off easy. For now.

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  1. Killer Cuomo only has the guts to send hospitalized seniors to their deaths. The chance of him punching anyone who can punch back is between slim and none. He talks real big while surrounded by body guards! What a turd he is.

  2. The only one anti-Italian is Cuomo and the way he insists on calling Covid-19 the “European Virus.” I’m a born and raised New Yorker (unfortunately), and he’s done absolutely nothing for the Italian community of New York, and perpetuated the continued vilification of Western Europeans and their descendants.

  3. Wow would have decked a 74 year old man a total bad ass there wow him and his dufus brother a couple of real morons can you imagine a guv of a state talking that juvenile trash smfh

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