Weightgate: Does Chris Cuomo Lift Real Weights?

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Most primetime news hosts go viral for monologues, interviews, and perspectives. Not New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother. He, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, types on a computer while lifting weights.

Why would anyone do such a thing? Only Jeff Zucker knows.

Here is what it looks like (try to keep the jealousy down):

Maybe the woke dig a man who can do both?

But can he?

A professional bodybuilder called “fake news” on the maybe fake news host.

Marc Lobliner claimed no one with Cuomo’s body — meaning less than his — could possibly type with that size dumbbell. Per Lobliner, Cuomo is using fake weights.

Take a look:


I used to know some guys I suspected of lifting fake weights on IG. Many of whom reminded me of Chris Cuomo.

Lobliner isn’t innocent in all this, either. It is hard to merely focus on Cuomo’s arm strength with such a weak $1,000 challenge. We will, anyway.

Cuomo has yet to address the video on his animated nightly show. Though, he has been rather fired up.

Maybe that explains it?

At this point, the only way to exonerate Cuomo from Weightgate is for him to pump tested dumbbells during the creative segment known as “Cuomo’s Court.”

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  1. Yeah i work out have for a long time i know my way around a gym I’m no bodybuilder but i do know some that dumb bell appears to be a 100lbs guarantee it ain’t real for that movement especially. Cuomo is a real clown and the way he acts in some of the gyms i go to you irritate the right guy on the wrong day you will have big problems. Nice demo btw from that dude

    • Agreed, when I saw him doing that stupid one arm tricep extension at his desk I knew something was up. If you tried that with 100 there’d be an ambulance involved even if you could get it into position to begin with. What a tool bag.

  2. The position of the arm looks fake and/or unnatural for lifting a heavy weight in that seated position, why is the picture so blurry? Just like pictures of other fantasies like Sasquatch, UFOs, and the Loch Ness Monster.

    Was it taken on a 15 year old phone or a disposable camera?

  3. Jesus, the whole “Look at me!” culture is embarrassing. Fake weights or not, is he trying to be funny? Impress the ladies? The willingness and desire to post photos of yourself lifting weights and typing tells me more about how shallow a person he is than anything. I presume he is a phony, that is a given.

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