Cuomo Accuser Calls Him ‘Disgusting Monster’ After Two More Allegations

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One of the former aides accusing Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment has a message for him: “Resign you disgusting monster,” Boylan tweeted.

Boylan was the first former aide to go public with her allegations against the New York governor, writing about it on the Medium website last month. But four more have come forward since then — including two women on Saturday.

Charlotte Bennett and Anna Ruch followed Boylan with sexual misconduct allegations, Bennett is another former aide, while Ruch encountered Cuomo at a 2019 wedding. After those two, Cuomo apologized publicly. But he said during the same press conference he has no intention of resigning.

Saturday’s accusations were detailed by FOX News.

“Karen Hinton, a former press aide to Cuomo, described being invited into Cuomo’s hotel room in 2000, when the Democrat was Bill Clinton’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development,” FOX wrote. “Cuomo embraced her but she pulled away and left, she told The Washington Post.

“Ana Liss, another former aide to Cuomo, claimed the governor touched her inappropriately and kissed her hand, and asked questions about her private life. The governor made her feel like ‘just a skirt,’ she told The Wall Street Journal.”

Along with all that, the Cuomo administration is in serious hot water after altering a report on the death toll of New York nursing home patients from COVID-19.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. 10 years as the Govenator and they cannot find anything he did wrong in his job other than the recent nursing home deal. Butt the minute its about sex, we have tons of details? really quick details on sex, but not his bad job performance.

    its as if they are distracting from something bigger (he writes sarcastically)

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