Cuomo Aides Altered Report On Nursing Home Deaths To Cover Up Death Toll

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Top aides to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo rewrote a report on COVID-19 nursing home deaths, with changes resulting in a significant undercount of the death toll attributed to long-term residents, per multiple reports.

The report was written in July and examined factors that led to the spread of the virus in nursing homes. It focused solely on the residents who died inside long-term-care facilities — and purposely left out those who had died in hospitals after testing positive for the virus or becoming sick in nursing homes.

“As a result, the report said 6,432 nursing-home residents had died — a significant undercount of the death toll attributed to the state’s most vulnerable population,” The Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources. “The initial version of the report said nearly 10,000 nursing-home residents had died in New York by July last year.”

Cuomo has recently come under fire for multiple sexual harassment accusations, including some from a couple of former aides.

The role played by his current top aides showed just how far Cuomo has been willing to go to control data related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and per The New York Times, “brush aside public health expertise and bolster his position as a national leader in the fight against the coronavirus.”

New York State Health Department data showed that the death toll was about 50% higher than the public numbers offered by the Cuomo administration, per the Times.

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. I heard that Cuomo is on his third term that’s just a special kind of stupid there in New York they seem to elect the most repulsive people they can find aoc, Schumer, that commie mayor deblasio, and this dufus gov it always amazes me they never ever seem to learn.

  2. i saw geraldo making strange predictions about Cuomo, saying that he won’t be ‘resigned’ and may have trouble in 2022 running for a 4th term. A 4th term? why is he still Govenor, when Florida has more people than NY because of flight while he is Govenor?

    if Cuomo was a republican, he would already be on death row in another state, since NY doesn’t have a death penalty.

  3. This from the same ilk that has been counting as many deaths as possible as Covid deaths in order to have hospitals obtain research dollars. Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic was lavishly praised by none other than St. Fauci. Incompetence, arrogance and possessing not even an ounce of shame has proven for many to be a deadly combination in the state of New York.

  4. Yeah but Trump!!!!

    Cuomo has been a nightmare during this pandemic, for NY and the country. The media was so busy attacking Trump with this criminal that we ended up where we are. People also let it slide that this f*ck stick in August was shouting from the hills that he wouldn’t trust a vaccine developed by “this administration”, then had the balls to complain that NYers were leery of taking vaccine. After they finish with this criminal I hope they review the job that Murphy has done in NJ.

  5. Does this mean that Twitter has blocked the WSJ for publishing this Russian disinformation? I didn’t think any criticism of the Democrat Party was permitted on social media.

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