Yuengling Appears Ready To Pounce On Bud Light With Perfectly-Timed Tweet

Yuengling -- America's oldest brewery -- ain't sitting idly by as Bud Light sinks like a brick. In fact, it appears the iconic beer wants a little of that $5 billion action that Anheuser-Busch lost this week.

In perfect passive aggressive fashion for 2023, Yuengling's official twitter account was ready to pounce like a pack of wild wolves Friday afternoon.

Shortly after AB released an official statement in the wake of the Dylan Mulvaney fallout, Yuengling fired off its first tweet in a week with a simple message: we make good beer!

Yuengling vs. Bud Light. Who ya got?

Could it have been coincidence? Sure, if your head's in the sand. For us conspiracy theorists in the #content game, this was the first shot fired in what appears to be a brewing Beer War.

A quick glance at the comments under both tweets shows the folks over at Yuengling have taken an early 1-0 lead, too.

Well, scratch that -- make it 10-0, because Bud Light fired off its first tweet minutes before Yuengling dusted off the keyboard, and ... it didn't go well.


Don't get it twisted -- the folks over at Yuengling and Miller are throwing parades right now as Bud Light and Anheuser-Busch burn to the ground, little by little.

In case you missed it, the early returns ain't great. Stock reports from earlier in the week show AB's lost a cool $5 billion in value since crap hit the fan a few weeks ago, and the story certainly doesn't appear to be fading away.

In fact, one beer expert (which sounds like an awesome job) sounded major alarm bells earlier this week when he said this Bud Light protest may indeed have legs.

“It started out as a conversation on social media and has breached into mainstream media,” said Justin Kendall, editor of the beer industry trade publication Brewbound.

As of Saturday afternoon, neither Miller Lite nor Coors Light have jumped into the battle. Both twitter accounts have been radio silent April 4.

So, for now, it looks like the folks over at America's Oldest Brewery are the only ones willing to get a little dirty.

Stay tuned.

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