Your Turn, Florida: Dismembered Penis Shows Up At Alabama Gas Station

A customer at a Mobile, Alabama gas station made a disturbing discovery, but police think they know how it got there.

You can see some pretty horrifying things at gas stations. You could run into a disgusting bathroom or maybe a hot dog that's been sitting on the rollers since the George W. Bush administration.

No one expects to find a dismembered penis in the parking lot. Still, someone had the unenviable experience of stumbling across one of those lot at 6 am.

That's a horrifying situation for everyone involved.

Of course, police were called to the scene to check things out. Stunningly, according to The Daily Caller, police aren't investigating the unattached penis as evidence of a possible murder or assault. The Mobile Police Department already thinks they know how the penis wound up in the gas station parking lot.

Unfortunately, this is where the story takes a tragic turn.

Earlier that morning, not too far from the gas station, police responded to a fatal motorcycle crash. The police believe that the male appendage belonged to the victim of the crash. Police said that 29-year-old Christopher Means lost control of his motorcycle and was "struck by multiple vehicles" however only one vehicle remained at the scene after the incident.

Local outlets have reported that surveillance video shows the penis falling from a truck that stopped to get gas at the station.

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