Twitch Streamer Shannon Singh Says She Has To Stop At Gas Stations To Have Sex During Long Trips

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When you think about long road trips several things pop into your mind including planning out your stops along the way. Things like where to grab a bite to eat and where to stretch your legs might be put on the trip’s itinerary. A smaller segment of the population might even plan out places to have sex.

Former Scottish model turned Twitch streamer, Shannon Singh, and her boyfriend fall into that smaller segment. The 24-year-old, who quit OnlyFans due to content leaks, revealed on her podcast Hushed that the two of them have to stop at gas stations to have sex on long trips.

Twitch Streamer Says She Has To Stop At Gas Stations To Have Sex During Long Trips
Twitch streamer has to stop at gas stations for sex on long trips (Image Credit: Shannon Singh/Instagram)

Shannon was interviewing intimacy coach Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey at the time and talking about her sex life in general. She said, “I’m very sexual. I’m not shy when it comes to my sex life because I require it. My connection with my partner is getting into bed, getting in the feels and having a great time.”

“People get so shy talking about sex and I’m not like that at all,” she continued. “Me and Ben will have a long drive from London to Scotland and we will stop at the service stations and spark it up.”

Shannon then revealed that she and her DJ boyfriend, Ben Sterling, have to take stops at gas stations to get it on, “I literally need to keep it alive and I love it because he’s the same. It’s not to the point that it’s the only intimacy we have, but I know I have a really high sex drive so I need it.”

When Does She Find Time To Fulfill Her Duties As A Twitch Streamer?

This isn’t the first time Shannon has spilled on her sex life. Prior to an appearance on the reality TV show Love Island in 2021, she claimed on the podcast Who’s Your Daddy that she has sex eight times a day.

“I am very sexually active, I have sex like eight times a day,” she said at the time. “Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active.”

That’s a lot time spent getting it on. It also explains the need to make stops on long trips. You can’t waste too much time staring out the window when you have a quota to make.

Written by Sean Joseph

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