'Yellowstone' Releases Great Video Ahead Of Season 5 Starting

"Yellowstone" continues to drop awesome content ahead of season five starting.

The fifth season of the hit show with Kevin Costner premieres November 13 on the Paramount Network, and the hype surrounding the new season is off the charts.

Ever since season one premiered, "Yellowstone" has been the best show on TV, and has successfully managed to entertain millions and millions of people without going woke!

That's the same energy fans want out of the fifth season of the Taylor Sheridan production, and to stoke the coals, the show keeps dropping fun content.

For fans of Kayce, the video of his best moments is bound to get you pumped. Give it a watch below.

Kayce is honestly one of the best characters on the show, and he's also one of the most complex. He's a former Navy SEAL who is torn between his father and his Native American wife.

His entire character shows the immense struggle between the two sides, which is what the show is ultimately all about.

However, through four seasons, I think it's pretty clear Kayce is loyal to this father and the ranch above all else. Look at the trail of bodies he left behind him to open season four.

However, he's also very loyal to Tate and Monica. When the Beck brothers kidnapped his son, he didn't leave survivors.

Also, the line about how he's killed more people than anyone he knows, but has never murdered anyone was epic.

It was a great way to showcase the extreme violence in Kayce's soul while also showing he fights to be a good man.

Finally, I've had the opportunity to interview Luke Grimes a few times. He's an awesome dude, which makes cheering for Kayce even easier!

Make sure to keep checking back to OutKick for the latest updates on "Yellowstone" season five as we have them. I can't wait to take this ride with all of you!

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