'Yellowstone' Fans Get Bad News About Season 5 Returning Amid Chaos Engulfing The Series

It doesn't look like "Yellowstone" will return to filming as scheduled.

Fans are eagerly waiting for status updates after a shocking report claimed Kevin Costner might be on his way out. If he does leave the show, Paramount is expected to pursue Matthew McConaughey for a show with several members of the original "Yellowstone" cast.

In the short term, the hit series is supposed to return this summer for the second half of season five.

What will happen with "Yellowstone"?

However, it sounds like there might be an issue with the timeline. The Hollywood Reporter reported shooting is supposed to resume in March, but it's "looking increasingly doubtful" shooting will start as scheduled amid all the ongoing issues.

If the show doesn't shoot as scheduled, there's a chance its return could be delayed. That means instead of getting the rest of season five this summer, it might not show up until the fall.

THR also reported Costner leaving wouldn't immediately result in the plug being pulled. So, there's at least one piece of good news.

The Taylor Sheridan hit is consumed by chaos.

It's truly disappointing by how chaotic the situation surrounding "Yellowstone" has become. It's one of the best shows over the past decade.

The Western saga about a ranching family has dominated the ratings since its 2018 premiere. "Yellowstone" was an incredible breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry.

Instead of lecturing the audience with woke garbage, Taylor Sheridan just focused on giving fans a great time. Now, it might all come crashing down. Or, at the very least, it appears like it might be delayed. That's not ideal.

Hopefully, this all gets worked out. Fans definitely don't want to see the show get derailed. If Costner is out, then it'll reportedly be McConaughey up next. I certainly hope it gets figured out before the bottom falls out.

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